October 15th | Moments

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I used to be so afraid of missing a moment. It was hard for me to put my camera down and just be present. My iPhone both helped and hurt this habit as I could capture everything without 5 pounds of gear around my neck, but now I have very few 'real' pictures of my kids from the past couple years. Bummer...sort of. It was a good lesson.

Anyway, I love that this project 365 has my camera out and to good use again. I thought it would be easy to take pictures every day as my kids are home from school this week...and it probably could have been...but I wanted a few moments just for us too.

I walked by my daughter's room yesterday and happened to catch this moment. I think it shows the past few days of togetherness without the need to see the rest.

Project resuming now...

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  1. Absolutely LOVE that picture! They really like each other : )


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